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                  The Toyota Family

     In Toronto, Canada, a rare site is finding an 85 Toyota Celica GT-S. Due to the cold weather months with snow and salt affecting the bodies of these older Celicas.  I've kept up with the maintenance religiously by spraying the inside body panels with rust-inhibiting oil spray and rinsed off the winter salt as often as possible. Now that I store this car for the winter months, I'm able to up-keep this car as best as I can.  I stopped the rust-proofing regime of course due to the accumulated grime from the left over residual oil spraying.

     My factory OEM aluminum rims have been professionally cleaned/polished & clearcoated once before. The rear deck 'sunshade' resembles the Supra spoiler. Yellow fog lamps installed operated with the 'Supra' fog lamp toggle centre console switch. Like everyone else, a upgraded stereo system: Pioneer head-unit with CD controller to 6-pack, and two 8" Bazooka tubes powered with 100 watt amp. Compustar theft deterrent system installed to protect the Toy from any curious minds. Fitipaldi 13" steering wheel makes this car handle with ease. Recent upgrade in 1998, ordered and installed four wheel disk brakes replacements using cross-drilled rotors in conjunction with the new long lasting KVR brake pads (carbon fiber type). Month of July '99 spent $$ on engine repairs,  I had slight oil leak from the oil pump and a significant amount of blue/white smoke out of the tail pipe. The mechanic fixed the valves, head and oil pump. Now the cars sounds like new, no knocking or ticking sound from the valves and no noticeable smoke from the tail pipe.

      In the summer of 2000, I've replaced the old chrome tip which rusted out with a stainless steel Vibrant. The mechanic quotes "that new tip will probably out last the rest of the muffler system". Summer 2001, installed the 'CELICA'logo on the rear deck lid, courtesy of B. Shapton of the Supra Club. It really contrasts with the black lettering. Definitely one of a kind. The Celica basically has most parts as stock. My Air conditioner had been working problem free until fall of 2007. For 2008 spring time I decided to try a new product for my air conditioner. I bought the Duracool tune-up kit, and it now works just fabulous. 2012 spring and still working cool for me.  Year 2011 was a very tiring year, repaired several items, 1) replaced battery with a Optima Yellow top 2) radiator replacement/water pump and thermostat (all original parts since new).  Beginning of new year 2012, replaced the Igniter Module and starter.  Its beginning to show its age, but parts replaced were all factory original, so they probably earned its mileage and fun years of service.


     Updates worth mentioning:

- Spring 2009 replaced my two old rusty OEM horns, with the Dual Air horns.

- Summer 2009 installed the new PIAA XTRA Extreme Driving lamps which feature LED bulbs as a dual lighting system.  Using the LEDs as my DRLs

- Spring 2010, installed H4 HIDs Xenon @ 4300k, boy they look fantastic

- Spring 2012, installed LED bulbs on front/rear marker lights, rear parking & brake lights and both rear license plate bulbs.

- Spring 2020 - waxed the car with Turtle Wax's new hybrid Ceramic, excellent results. 


1985 Celica GT-S

Driver's Side:


 The Back:


Rear Quarter:



Enjoy my video: or 


The Other Toys:

2003 Corolla LE

      For a winter beater I received a 1986 Nissan Micra from my brother back in Aug/98. I had 4 snow tires for it and even rust-proofed it with oil in prep for winter driving. It served its purpose for 5 years, while I stored the Celica in my garage. The Micra started having major problems, engine oil leaks, clutch problems, transmission problems and really funny sounding noises, just didn't feel safe. Being in Toronto, Ontario, the emissions program kicked up in full gear. The Micra passed once with a lot of major work, then failed miserably in fall of 2002. In February 2003, I finally picked up the new replacement. A new Corolla. Its silver, what else, and loaded to whatever the brochure had to offer. Its the Canadian LE model with package 'B', including, leather seats, moonroof, alarm, fog lamps, electrochromic rear view mirror (dims automatically), a cool digital compass and the nice alloy rims same as the 'S' model. The dealer was able to give me the rear spoiler at cost.  I still had to pay the standard labour installation fees at the dealership. The spoiler looks really sporty, just like my Camry Sport. The Corolla is a fantastic car, great power, great gas and sooo smooth. I'm trying to keep as much stock as possible, but couldn't resist.

     Upgrades: Headlights and markers. Superwhites for the front corner parking lights (looks blue in the daytime) and have upgraded the headlights to HIDs 6000k. Replaced the radio with a Panasonic MP3 player with a trunk mounted 8-Disc CD changer.


Front/Side View







 2007 Camry XLE

       Having the 93 Sport V6 Camry for 14 years wasn't too bad, it was definitely showing its age in mechanics with 225,000 km. I babied it since new, rust-proofed it (oil type), acquired winter snows and rims for it for all year round driving. Basically the car was mainly used as the family hauler. Added all the trimmings, remote starter/alarm, PIAA fogs, tinted windows, MP3/WMA 8 pack CD changer, K&N filter, synthetic oil. Historically, the major problems started in mid-spring of 2006. Planning a short 2 hour family trip out of Toronto, the Camry overheated. Replaced the radiator from a small crack which caused the overheating. After picking up the car, the brake lines failed, which have rusted out. In October of 2006 the head gasket was damaged, thus, probably from the overheating, paid a hefty bill to have the entire engine replaced with a second hand one from a wreckers. Snow storm in November caused a hair-line windshield crack to perpetuate further. Brakes were getting thinned out also. What broke the camels back as they say, was when I filled up the gas tank in January 2007 it started leaking from the nozzle side. From all of these expenses, it was time to renew. Below you'll see my photos of my newly acquired 2007 Camry XLE.  Its the baby Lexus. No further factory options were available, just a fully loaded Camry,  I'm just enjoying the new ride now. I hope I can get more years out of this new one then my previous Camry.
     Upgrades worth mentioning:
- Fall of 2007, installed H11 HID Xenon kit @ 4300k
- Spring 2010 installed the factory OEM JBL Navigational System.
Quarter view: 
Driver's Side:
The Rims:

Rear Quarter View:
Front View:
Rear View:
Start Button:
Center Console (before Nav)

Center Console (after Factory Nav Install)
 Navigational Front
Nav Night Shot
Nav Eject:
(Top Slot: Four Disc CD Changer, Bottom Slot: Map DVD)
Dearly Departed Memories

1993 Camry Sport V6 LE (in April 2007)
1986 Nissan Micra (in February 2003) 

Parts Listing:

On the Celica:

PIAA LED & Driving Combination:

12V-H3 55watt=110watt XTRA Xtreme White for Spot Beam, 12V LEDs – Amber and White 





Toyota & Celica Logos credited to the OCC Club  

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